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Get your idea to market faster and cheaper.

No developers or designers required! Using our pre-packaged solutions, means you gain scalability, speed, flexibility and instant returns.


Pre-built integrations

Equity Bank

Helping entrepreneurs and biashara's
conquer their chaos and grow.


Capture, view, and organize your data in one place.

Avoid the hustle of multiple systems and get all your data in one place. Brrng CRM is a powerful CRM solution that helps you manage your customers information in one place.


Make your data work for you.

Leverage the power of your data to drive campaigns, automate tasks, and scale your business without extra man power and effort.


Provide a 360° self-serve, everywhere.

Capture data and organize them in one place. Segment your contacts, and send targeted campaigns. Efficiently and automatically move leads through your sales funnel.
Building and testing a USSD app on Africa's talking in minutes.
Caller assignment to the correct teams based on purpose or tier.
Fetching your Salesforce data without writing any code.
Fetch your Salesforce data without writing any code. Just using the query builder.
Integrating MPESA daraja payments API to your flows.
Collect payment using MPESA STK, issue refunds, and more.
Using the Sendy API to calculate delivery fees and distance.
Calculate delivery fees using Sendy's before your customers checkout.
Getting started on the Brrng CRM to store and retrieve your data.
Learn how to create fields and objects, store data and present it via a dashboard.
Creating a robust survey via SMS and WhatsApp.
Create a conversation script to use on your WhatsApp and SMS channels.
Make calls from the web using the Brrng voice widget.
Provide support and customer service via the Salesforce CTI.